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Model Minority Faces Adversity

Coined in 1966, “model minority” refers to a minority group that attains a high degree of socioeconomic success and is calculated by observing incarceration rates, family stability, income, education, and impact on society. Due to their meritocracy, Indian Americans are often stereotyped under this term. This label has its benefits and shortcomings. As an Indian


Academy’s Annual Faculty and Staff Appreciation Day

(Photo/Inji Kang’19/Media Team) Staying up late to grade papers, skipping lunch to teach us material, and being available when we need them, our teachers do so much for us. So, Faculty Staff Appreciation Day (FSAD) is a day when we, the students, show our gratitude. This day also acknowledges former faculty and staff and those


Slide to Unlock the Changing Culture of Art

“You have a notification.” With no regard for my surroundings, my eyes are drawn to the screen. Whether I am in the middle of a conversation or am finishing a math problem, my attention suddenly dissipates. My finger moves to the screen on its own accord. Social media has a huge impact on museums, which


Model 3

Tesla has yet to make a boom in the auto industry, but that is starting to change. Stirring up the nation with its release of Model 3, Tesla expects to make over $300 million in immediate revenue.


The Customer is Always Right

Burgers, salads, fruit bowls, wraps, yogurts, nuggets, and fries are just a few of the many food options at McDonald’s. Although this variety might look appealing at first, the company’s sales have taken an embarrassing plummet in recent quarters as the more successful fast food chains have moved toward product specialization.

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Denali: “The High One”

On President Obama’s recent trip to Alaska, he announced the renaming of North America’s tallest peak, Mt. McKinley, which will now be known as Denali. This bold move by the Obama Administration is meant to honor the indigenous people of Alaska and to show respect for their long-standing name for that mountain.