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Denali: “The High One”

On President Obama’s recent trip to Alaska, he announced the renaming of North America’s tallest peak, Mt. McKinley, which will now be known as Denali. This bold move by the Obama Administration is meant to honor the indigenous people of Alaska and to show respect for their long-standing name for that mountain.

This peak received the title Mt. McKinley in 1917 in honor of our nation’s 25th president, but it had been known as Denali (translated as “the high one”) by the indigenous population for centuries.

Much of the backlash from this change is coming from Ohio residents and Republican politicians. Donald Trump, the outspoken GOP presidential candidate, took to Twitter to express his feelings, tweeting, “Great insult to Ohio. I will change back!”

For Native Alaskans, who have pushed for this name change since the 1970s, changing the name back to Denali is a victory.

by Deeksha Bathini’17


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