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Opinion & Editorial

Living in Denial

Scrolling through Twitter last Friday, I couldn’t believe what filled my timeline. Attacks on Greta Thunberg and the international climate strikes littered my home page, and after just minutes of reading tweets from fervent politicians and enraged citizens, I had to put my phone away. It’s a well-established fact by now that climate change is

Opinion & Editorial

How Ohioans Can Confront Brunei’s Newest Sanctions

The Nation of Brunei Has Caused World Outcry Over New Rules. (Wikimedia Commons) Located on the northern coast of Borneo in Southeast Asia, the country known as Brunei was of little knowledge to the average American citizen until a few weeks ago.  Known for its luscious rainforests, striking beaches, and immense wealth, the nation–populated with


Service Board Celebrates Faculty and Staff

Upper School Dean, Mr. Losambe, showing thanks by waving to other faculty, volunteers, and the camera! (Sari Schocket’22/Media) This past Wednesday, February 6, the Service Board hosted its annual event dedicated to the work of our faculty and staff, former and present, here at Columbus Academy. Jenny L’Hommedieu’19 and Abigail Freytag’20 coordinated the day with