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SPARC: Academy’s Second Year of Social Research

SPARC students discuss their exploratory survey. (Kayla Podgurski’19/Media)   Rekha (former student): Last year, I, along with six other classmates, participated in The University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education’s research consortium called the Center for the Study of Boys and Girls’ Lives (CSBGL) and presented our final project at CSBGL’s annual Roundtable Conference. More about


Honoring Dr. King’s “Beloved Community” at CA’s Annual Tribute

Dancers from Leap of Faith Dance Studio perform at the MLK Day Assembly (Chris Heermann’18/Media)  Inspired by Dr. King’s vision of a “Beloved Community,” Academy honored his vision of a society based on justice, equal opportunity and love. Mixed classes of 9th-11th graders engaged in Community CAfe style discussions prior to our annual assembly to


Capstone Projects Benefit Students’ Education

Students share  e-literature capstones and final projects at Computer Science Fair. (Olivia Ryna’18/Media) As the end of the school year approaches, Upper School students are more stressed than ever. Although there is only a few weeks of school left, final exams are the looming obstacle standing in the way of summer break.  Fortunately, most of


Fine Arts in Morris Hall

(Chris Heermann’18/Media) Throughout Academy’s history, the fine arts have been an essential elective for students looking to foster their creative capabilities. Some students, eager to try new things, are helped to develop their artistic skills. Other students simply like the relaxing environment these art classes provide. Recognizing these benefits, Academy has always done its best


“Yes, We Can”

In his beloved Chicago on Tuesday, January 10, Barrack Obama gave his final remarks about his presidency to an audience of 24 million people, who listened in rapture as he began a tearful tribute to his loving and supportive family, thanking his wife Michelle and two teenage daughters Sasha and Malia for “keeping him honest”

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Inside Academy’s Dining Hall

Members of our fantastic crew are (from left) Michael Ray, Holly Auten, Stephanie Campbell, Erwin Reed, Leslie White, Rosemary White, Elaine Braisted, Lana Spaulding, Ruth Ward, David Hill and Edwin Jimenez. (Photo/Bob Lee.) We interviewed Stephanie Campbell, Lana Spaulding, and Ruth Ward for this feature. The Academy Life takes pride in showcasing the best in