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United Through Intramurals

(Logo/Katie Z.)

Academy’s ongoing intramurals, this year being coined by senior class president, David W. as the Super Ultimate Mega Columbus Academy Intramural League (SUMCAIL), continue to promote wellbeing and make connections across grade levels. David wanted its lengthy title to include basketball, dodgeball, football, Jenga, soccer, ultimate frisbee, and sand and ground volleyball. 

Teams must have a minimum of seven people, including three boys and three girls to be eligible. David generates a random bracket and schedules the games which happen during lunch. If a team gets eliminated, it can then play in the separate losers’ bracket for a chance to move back into the regular rounds. David said, “I love doing individual tournaments, but I also felt it would be cool to start a whole new network focused on just intramurals. I did not know if it would be successful, but what I can say is I love running it!“

Because David knew there were students who did not want to compete for points but still have fun, he created The Academy Soccer World Cup. David said, “Everyone should be able to find flexibility with intramurals across Academy, and if they only wish to compete in one sport, or want to form a team with other friends not in their SUMCAIL group, they can do so through Student Council’s other sports events.”  

Student Council and Academy’s Spanish Affinity group, CASA, hosted soccer finals on Friday, November 10 on the Sommer blacktop, where the Mongolian Tech Extremists (Harper B-M., Nick D., Jack H-S., Lily L., and Dante R.) won a 6-2 match against the Saudi Arabian Oilers (Jake H., Angela H., Seth L., Aubree M., and Hansheng X.).

It is not too late to form a team of your own to become the tenth squad on the SUMCAIL roster. The best part of this is getting involved with people you don’t normally compete with, which emphasizes the Academy’s great intramural community. As David says, “Intramural sports are great when students don’t have sports going on, because it gives them a time to not only look forward to some competition, but to also get exercise during the day.”


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