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A Look Inside the Anatomy Class Field Trip

Students Brutus Buckeye statue (Courtesy/Dr. Lester)

On Wednesday, November 1 morning, anatomy and physiology teachers Mr. Gittins and Dr. Lester took their students to The Ohio State University’s cadaver laboratory in what is becoming an annual field trip. 

Within the lab were donated bodies and organs for research. Two OSU medical students instructed us in the ways to inspect different types of livers: healthy, alcohol-poisoned, and cancerous. We also examined a body’s  ligaments and tendons that allow our joints to move.  We also got an up-close look of a real human brain, labeling the different lobes and how it makes our nerves tell our bodies what to do. 

After the lab, we went to an anatomy study room where a giant, tablet-like screen featured a lesson on how to sever and examine individual body parts. The room also had a virtual reality headset, showing us a life-size human that we could disassemble. 

The trip with a willingness to learn more about the human body and what it involves.


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