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Vlad and Vicky Set Sail

Meet Vlad and Vicky: Aanav K.and Lauren W. (Milana B./Staff)

Each year, Student Council holds auditions and selects two students to be Vlad and Vicky, whose main job is to lead the student section cheers at sporting events and pep rallies. Dressed in medieval gear and viking-style helmets, seniors Aanav K. and Lauren W. are taking the reins in raising school spirit. We asked them about their new job as Academy’s beloved mascots.

Why did you want to become Vlad/Vicky?

A: I wanted to become Vlad because I have been going to Academy my whole life, and I have always thought that being the Viking was so cool ever since lower school.

L: I wanted to become Vicky to bring high energy to school events and bring our community together.

What are you most excited about as the new mascots?

A: Football games and leading the student sections.

L: To share all the new ideas Aanav and I have come up with for games and events.

Favorite cheer?

A: The Banana Cheer!

L: The Viking Rumble!

Get ready because Academy’s student section is about to get hype every week with Aanav and Lauren as our loud, new leaders. You can catch them on Thursday, September 14, when the football team takes on Saint Charles Prep. Kickoff is at 7:00 p.m. on Hondros Field.


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