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ODESZA: Unforgettable

Concert Review: ODESZA (Milana B./Staff)

The lights went out. A blinding bright screen appeared. Two men dressed in black came out of nowhere. And the crowd screamed,”ODESZA is here.”

ODESZA, an American electronic music DJ duo of Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight and their band illuminated the Schottenstein Center on Wednesday, August 30. After a two-month hiatus from touring, the duo began their second leg of their performances in Columbus. “The Last Goodbye” represented stepping back into something that you found passion in again. Knowing that ODESZA is not the most popular of EDM groups, my expectations were not high for this event. Yet, when the performance concluded, my jaw was still on the floor, and I wanted to relive the night.

This concert was unlike anything that I witnessed in a long time. From blackouts to confetti to drummers, ODESZA did not fail to wow me throughout every song. Plus, it featured other artists with different yet astonishing vocals, including Yellow House, Naomi Wild, and Izzy Bizu. 

Nothing impressed me more than the stage visuals, because it complemented the music’s fresh beats. The Schottenstein Center was, in a literal sense, on fire. As the drummers beat their instruments to the music, you could see rods of fire shooting from the bottom of the stage. Being in the General Admission (floor) section, I felt the heat of the flames against my skin as fireworks would appear at unexpected moments, followed by the thrilling sight of multi-colored lasers. The concert’s scenery was so breathtaking that it made me video every moment of it that I could.

ODESZA was a night to remember. When the band comes back to a town near me, I will do everything I can to not miss another extraordinary night.


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