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Boys X-C Achieves an Impressive Week

(Ethan K./Media)

On the boys cross-country Senior Night calls, Wednesday, September 28, they beat Newark Catholic with a score of 22. Dane C. finished in 1st at 11:04.1, followed by Elliott S. in 2nd at 11:21.2, Zech K. in 5th at 12:11.9, Jonathon H. in 6th at 12:17.6, Alexander H-V R. in 8th at 12:28.4, Jason S. in 9th with 12:31.0, and Dorian B. in 10th with 12:36.3. Honored at Senior Night were Jonathon H. and Zech K.

Competing against 38 other schools on Saturday, October 1, the boys placed 13th with a score of 382 at Centerville. Dane C. placed 17th at 18:00.0, Elliott S. came in 33rd at 18:35.6, Jonathon H. was in 86th at 19:23.5, Zech K. in 140th at 20:07.5, Dorian B. in 161st at 20:27.5, Jason S. in 172nd at 20:35.4, and Alexander H-V R. in 183rd at 20:44.5.

The team runs again on Saturday, October 8 at 10:30 a.m. at Johnstown-Monroe for the Harrier Invitational.




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