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Academy’s Choir Returns to the Stage

Camerata singing “The Lake” (Photo by Ashley Tu)

On the night of November 10, harmonious singing filled Schoedinger Theater as Columbus Academy hosted its first indoor choral concert since Fall of 2019. During the 2020-2021 school year, the choir was only able to perform on the quad due to Covid-19 safety measures implemented by the school. To celebrate being back in thge Schoedinger Theater, the Fall Choral Concert’s theme was “Return Home.” 

Directed by upper school Choir teacher, Amy Brooks, and accompanied on the piano by Jennifer Kristoff, Treble Choir first performed three songs, followed by another three from Camerata to close off the show. 

The Treble Choir opened the concert with “Winter’s Waking” by Amy F. Bernon, a mystifying three-part tune describing the winter season from an unusual approach. They followed with  another piece by Bernon, “Come In From the Firefly Darkness,” and finished with “All the Way Home” by Sarah Quartel, a piece about friendship through singing. 

Camerata began with a text by Edgar Allen Poe named “The Lake,” a lively song composed of various separate parts all sewn together in beautiful unification. While “the Road Home” by Stephen Paulus gave the audience feelings of melancholy and reminiscence, the concert ended on a positive note with “It’s All Right” by Curtis Mayfield. 

The upper school Choir hopes to continue to perform captivating concerts throughout the rest of the 2021-2022 school year, currently aiming for Cabaret in Spring of 2022. 


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