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Last Call for Morris Hall Art Exhibit

Kevin Colon’s “Overwhelmed” (Ashley Tu)

The Accessible Expression Ohio Art Exhibit loaned by Creative Expressions, located on the second floor in Morris Hall came to a close on Monday, October 4 after having been displayed since the start of the 2021 school year. This exhibit travels statewide, visiting a wide array of local galleries and art centers. Thanks to Mr. Mena’s connection with the head of the Creative Expressions, Molly Cairney, the exhibit made a quick stop on its tour at Academy. 

Composed of various 2D and 3D works ranging from acrylic paintings to ceramic sculptures created by artists with disabilities, the sign displayed in the exhibit’s entrance states the shows aims to “change perceptions and raise awareness about disability by presenting the show in inclusive settings.” Since its establishment in 1996, the Accessible Expression Ohio Art Exhibit has included over 1,500 diverse artists. 

While Academy could only house half of full collection’s sixty artworks, one in particular catches the eye of anyone who walks through the exhibition. Priced at $6,000 and painted on a 4-foot by 6-foot canvas in black and white oil paint, it is impossible to tear your gaze away from the beauty of Kevin Colon’s “Overwhelmed,” a portrait of a close-up of a frustrated young woman looking down at the ground consumed in her thoughts. Every brush-stroke on the canvas has been carefully placed to convey the woman’s expression, from the deep furrow of her brow to the slight downturn of the corners of her mouth. Painted during a deep state of depression, Colon channeled his current frustration concerning the new illnesses he had been diagnosed with and the uncertainty that the pandemic had caused him into this piece. “Overwhelmed” is the current winner of the exhibition’s Current Events Category for Emerging Artists.

Although it is sad to see the Accessible Expression Ohio Art Exhibit leave our campus, Academy is excited to continue featuring different exhibitions in Morris Hall. The next art exhibit coming to Academy is composed of artworks solely created on paper lunch bags. You’ll have to see the pieces in all their lunch-bag-glory for yourself in the upcoming weeks.


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