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LemonShark Poke: Ethnic Eatery

LemonShark Poké Table Grill (Milana Biswas ‘24/Staff)

Since its opening on March 2, LemonShark Poké is a big draw one of  Easton’s newest hot spots, featuring make-your-own bowls to signature combos, to a good Poké bowl and Makai grill.

Named after the LemonShark, a shark species that only hunts for the finest quality of fish, Poké bowls, originating in Hawaii, features a main course of raw fish, along with vegetables, sesame seeds, fruits,  edamame, and teriyaki flakes.  While its roots come from Hawaii, it is also derived from a Japanese cuisine.

With a friendly atmosphere, LemonShark Poké is the best place to dive deep into both Hawaiian and Japanese culture and makes for a great lunch choice. 

LemonShark Poké:


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