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Slurping Turtle Review

Caption: DFFC and Shrimp Shio Ramen (Milana Biswas ‘24/Staff)

With locations in only Columbus and Ann Arbor, Slurping Turtle is the newest Japanese restaurant that just opened at Easton in December. Best known for their soups, Slurping Turtle has families and friends of all ages sitting inside through the transparent windows.

According to the friendly employees, their signature soup and customer favorite is the Duck Fat Fried Chicken Miso Ramen (DFFC). Its spicy, bold flavor is what makes this soup stand out. The chicken is coated in duck fat and put into a fryer before being boiled into the spicy pork miso broth, which contains organic noodles, crunchy vegetables, and a molten egg yolk that flowss into the broth. 

For customers who do not prefer the strong effects of the DFFC, the Shrimp Shio Ramen is a great alternative:  marinated shrimp covered in garlic with  a poached egg blended into its broth and withbok choy and bamboo shoots added for some satisfying crunch.

Slurping Turtle:  4049 Worth Ave, Columbus. Hours:  11am-10pm. Menu: 


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