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Academy Hoists Second Tent, Adds More Hall Monitors

Academy raises a second tent in our school’s observance of social distancing  (Charlie Belford’22/Media)

Lunch line systems and unpredictable weather were just two of many concerns Academy faced when it moved to 100% capacity in mid-October.

Many faculty members have stepped up and taken on new roles, from supervising the lunch line to ensuring students are properly distanced during class transitions.

After a week of observing what needed to be modified, the school dismissed each grade level to lunch in ten-minute increments, giving the lines time to dwindle before the influx of the next wave of students.

Monitors, middle and upper school teachers and coaches, switched up the lines so each one provided main course options, 

The monitor also stopped letting students from the first line flow into the second line, further preventing any congestion, which allowed for lunchtime to be less time consuming and easier for students to socially distance because there was less of a rush to get to class after lunch.

To have proper class transitions in times of heavy rain or snow, Academy moved students in-between classes by having seniors stand under the balcony, juniors under a newly-constructed tent, and freshman and sophomores alternating between either going straight from one class to the next, or also standing under the tent.

Academy has made huge strides in the past few weeks to ensure our well-being. Our faculty and administration continue to solve new challenges in their mission to give their students both an excellent education and a great experience as they return to school.


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