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Dear teachers

Brooke Tumeo’22 works at socially distance. Newly designed ceramics room now fits spacing needs .Junior  Lindsey Butler draws in Mr. Block’s art class. Art displays in Mr. Block’s art class as Maya Walter’22 and Jake Calodney ’23) work more than 6 feet apart. (Sari Shocket’22/Media) 

Dear teachers,

We want you to know that although we may not be saying it enough, we are so grateful to you for your daily sacrifices for our education. 

These times are certainly not normal, yet every day, you try and provide us with a little bit of that old normalcy. 

You address us by our names, even though half of the time we are on Zoom. You ask about our weekends when you can predict they were likely not very eventful. You make everyone feel seen and heard in class discussions, whether it is in a classroom or at a desk at home. You do your best to make learning fun, even though the circumstances rarely allow for such. While you keep us six feet apart, you have still found ways to bring our community together. 

Even though we are part of a generation that has been exposed to technology since we were born, we still struggle with this online format.

 On top of the class lessons you plan and the assignments you grade, you also have been tasked to adapt to hybrid learning. Never once have we heard you complain, although we want you to know that we are here to listen. 

As students, we admit we aren’t always perfect. We recognize that sometimes our six feet turns into four, but please know it is not due to our lack of caring–but rather our lapse of judgement. That said, we will strive to do better. We understand you are putting your health and safety at risk, and it is our responsibility to protect you. 

Now speaking to everyone:

Before the entire community comes together on campus this Friday, we urge our students to consciously consider the precautions our teachers expect of us. We all have a vital role in this transition to in-person schooling. The best way we can thank our teachers is by ensuring their safety while doing their job. Please remember that the more we space out, the sooner we can overcome this. 

A few reminders: Stay 6 feet apart. Sanitize your hands multiple times a day, especially before touching doors. Thoroughly clean your desk space. Do not share supplies. Keep your mask on at all times. 

And don’t forget to thank your teachers. 



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