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Talking about race, gender, and identity

Dr. Losambe and Ms. Berkley, organizers of this week’s discussion groups in celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (Carolyn Vaziri’22/Co-editor)

Before Winter Break, Upper Schoolers selected from a list of discussion groups that Ms. Berkley and Dr. Losambe prepared. for various sessions that would be held in celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Students participated in difficult conversations surrounding their topic of choice.

Students watched thought-provoking videos and engaged with questions presented by their faculty host. In a follow-up during advisories, students shared stories from their respective groups to grasp a greater understanding of Dr. King’s mission and legacy. 

Students chose topics of interest from the following:


Economic Reform / Poverty Marches / Redlining & Gentrification

Global Civil Rights / Modern Protests (Haiti, Lebanon, Syria, Netherlands)

 How is MLK depicted- Modern Art and the Fashion Industry
MLK as “UnAmerican” / What is Patriotism?
MLK the man/LGBTQ+ Community and the competition among marginalized groups in America
Music of Protest (Historical and Modern)
Police Brutality / Artificial Intelligence in the Reinforcement of Racial Bias / Lack of Civics Education in low socioeconomic districts
Prison Reform
Racism in Medicine
Rap Music and its Role in Liberation / Equality (Juniors and Seniors)
Resegregation in Public Schooling Districting
Role of Religion / Interfaith Civil rights
Student Movements of the Civil Rights / Politics of Age in Protest
Women in Protest




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