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Chicken Noodle Soup a la Max

(Max Walker’22/Staff)
Chicken noodle soup is the ultimate meal to enjoy on these chilly January days. The comforting warm broth and the protein packed chicken seem to be a dynamic duo that delivers smiles! This recipe is my Grandma’s very own, and I have been enjoying her chicken noodle soup since I was in Pre-K. I hope you all will like this soup as much as I do!
1 lb. of bone in chicken thighs 
10 cups of chicken broth
8 oz. Rotini noodles
2 cubes of chicken bouillon 
In a crock pot, boil chicken in the broth with the bouillon cubes for 30 minutes.
Remove cooked chicken to a plate and let cool.
Add noodles to the boiling pot, cooking to taste, then strain.
Remove chicken from bone in small chunks. 
Add noodles, followed by the chicken and then the broth to a bowl.
Season with salt and pepper to taste.

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