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Desi Celebrates Diwali

Diyas, lamps that are typically lit during Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights. (Rohit Saxena/Flickr)
Desi Club hosted its annual Diwali assembly on Friday, November 15, featuring an educational video and a few dance routines.

The video informed the audience about the holiday of Diwali, which is the Hindu Festival of Lights. Academy students that celebrated Diwali recounted their family traditions, such as turning on all of the lights in their houses or drawing rangolis, patterns made of colored flower and sand, on the sidewalk 

Juniors Sejal Jinda, Panya Bhinder, and Vaanika Jindal’2  performed a several self-choreographed dances, mixing together Punjabi Bhangra, modern Bollywood, and Hip Hop while wearing Palazzo Salwar Kameez and Patiala Salwar Kameez.

While this year’s assembly was a little shorter than previous years and only featured a few dancers, it was still a bright event that shared a bit of the Hindu faith with everyone in the room.


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