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Meet Flowers & Bread, Your New Eatery

Flowers and Bread. (Amiya Tiwari’22/Staff)

On the corner of North High and Acton in Clintonville, a quaint, white building decorated with lights stands out at first glance. Founded in 2017, Flowers & Bread is reasonably new to the Columbus scene, but with its cozy environment and tasty, freshly-baked pastries, the eatery is already making a lovely name for itself.

Although parking is difficult, it is easy to let your worries fall away as you step into Flowers & Bread. The cafe serves seasonal scones (for spring 2019, flavors include dark chocolate orange and lemon lavender,) cinnamon monkey bread, quiches, and my personal favorite, the “heart” roll, in which chocolate chips are placed in the shape of a heart and baked into bread. Every morning as early as 2 am, the restaurant’s skilled bakers arrive to make the listed pastries and many more dishes fresh.

Flowers & Bread offers three different seating areas: a long, farm-style table in one room, another filled with small tables, and a final room upstairs, which can serve as both a quiet place to study or as an event room.

Along with its spectacular food and drink, this cafe also doubles as a florist. The flowers add to the ambiance of the bakery, and they fill the rooms with a sweet smell.

The charms of Flowers & Bread don’t stop there, for the restaurant doubles as a place for teaching. Offered classes include “Wood-fired Pizza Night,” “Flatbreads of the Middle East,” and “British Afternoon Tea.” Flower arrangement workshops are also taught at the Clintonville location.

Whether it’s to sample the food, study in a calm environment, or take a class, Flowers & Bread is a perfect destination for any weekend. 3870 N High St. 614-262-5400


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August 20, 2019