March 25, 2019

2018 COSI Prom: Super Experiment

Prom invitation logo. 

As students entered COSI for 2018’s superhero-themed prom on April 28, what is Columbus’s hallmark science attraction had been transformed into a spectacular party.

After harkening back in time to the Taylor Mansion last year, prom sprung forward once again, with science experiments and distinctive lighting to match the sci-fi theme.

Midway through the night, much to the crowd’s excitement, Academy’s own Hamza Kashubeck’17 took over the turntables.

And of course,  following an email sent out regarding prizes for superhero-themed footwear, a parade of superhero socks went on display throughout the dance floor.

As the senior class exited their last prom, it was clear that the real superheroes of the night were the prom committee members and advisors, who orchestrated an evening that was just fantastic.