December 18, 2018

Vaziri’s Viking Voyage: The Norse Code

Miya Tiwari 22′, Carolyn Vaziri 22′, Milana Biswas 24′, andCollin Harrison 23’.(Riley Hennessey’19/Media)

Carolyn Vaziri’22 has always had a passion for reading and writing. That her mother is an author and two of her sisters are esteemed writers only helps foster that interest. While her sisters have influenced her a lot, they’ve also cast quite a large shadow, for  as Carolyn says, “They’re not just friends. Not just sisters. They’re also role models, I’ve seen what they’ve done for the school and that gives me a big reputation to live up to.”

Carolyn had noticed how the middle school offered prestigious extracurricular programs for math and science such as Math Counts and Science Olympiad, but none for history and writing. So when the annual 8th grade Project Discover came around, she decided to apply her passion into a bold new undertaking: a middle school newspaper.

Alongside a talented team of writers and with the help of Mrs. Carter.Mrs. Seymore and Mrs. Zive, the inaugural issue of Norse Code was published on February 14. 

The writers were unafraid to tackle large and influential issues on their first go, featuring in-depth articles on Black History Month, activism, and U.S. immigration policy. They still left plenty of room for lighter things, however, with segments devoted to culture and digest, trivia, and a special Valentine’s Day Section.

This project isn’t a one-time deal, as Carolyn plans to pass down the torch when she moves up to our upper school. While it may be her creation, she wishes for it to become a permanent fixture within the middle school. You can find the next edition of Norse Code on March 16 outside Ms. Seymore’s room.

  • Josh Tu

    Class of 2021

    Op/Ed Co-Editor