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Let Obama Choose Scalia’s Successor

I find a successful Obama Supreme Court appointment so necessary not because I’m a stern constitutionalist, but because the front-runners Trump and Cruz, who are using their influences to drag the Republican party further into extremism and absurdity, could get to make the decision instead.

As congressional Republicans challenge the President’s right to appoint Justice Scalia’s replacement, three conditions could lead to a dangerous breakdown of party balance in the federal government: 1) the House blocks President Obama’s appointments, leaving the decision to the winner of the 2016 election; 2) this winner is Republican; and 3) the right maintains control of the Senate and House of Representatives, which is likely if it can win a general election.

If these conditions were brought to fruition, it would mean conservative dominance of executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the government. In a country in which 32% identify as Democrats and 23% as Republicans, this future hardly seems fair.

Senator Cruz, whose leash is manned by both the Koch brothers and Wilks brothers, holds radical plans for the Supreme Court. Like his party, he hopes the appointment will bypass Obama and reach his paws. He also doesn’t believe in a lifetime appointment of Supreme Court Justices, which would make them prey to the perfidy of politics.

Senator Marco Rubio, who is struggling to keep up with the leaders of the pack has also joined the movement, and even Governor Kasich has abandoned his traditionally rational stances. The well-respected and  Republican, retired Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, however, broke rank with her party to back President Obama’s right and responsibility to choose the nominee.

In the meantime, we civilians can only hope those three conditions don’t align in the coming months.


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