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Latin V’s Skit Heads to Convention’s State Tournament

As a result of Academy’s exemplary entry in the skit competition at the Ohio Junior Classical League (OJCL), the Latin V students will perform at the Latin Convention this year, an honor reserved for the top three skit entries in the state.

The Latin V class, with the support of Mrs. Bening, drew its inspiration for their skit from the classic, I, Claudius, a work about the scandalous Julio-Claudian family and the first emperors of Rome. Building upon this, the students wrote their parody, We, Klaudashians, by mashing it with it I, Claudius and the “drama” of the Kardashians.

Students and faculty will have the opportunity to see a performance of We, Klaudashians before the 2016 Latin Convention at the school’s talent show on February 17.


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