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November 11: Academy’s Bells Toll

An ethereal weight pulled the skies to the earth, and a foggy heaviness curled around pillars and pressed against the dewy grass. This mist hung over the silhuouttes of somber students and staff, who stood together on the morning of November 11th to commemorate the sacrifices of our Academy veterans.

As the mist of the heavens bent toward us, we bowed our heads and listened to the toll of the bell, 486 times. 475 times for alumni. 11 for faculty and staff. One for senior Dalton Porter who has enlisted in the Marines.

Once for Carey Evans, class of 1914, who was killed in Ypres, France, driving an ambulance in World War I.

Once for George “Fuzzy” Winger, class of 1936, whose heroism throughout a volunteer mission over the Ploesti oil fields ended his life but saved the crew of his B52 Bomber.

Once for Dan Carmichael, class of 1936, who survived the Battle of Iwo Jima, earning a flying cross, silver star, and air medal with gold star.

Once for David Hamlar, Junior, class of 1973, who served in many military tours in the Middle East and commanded the 133 Air Wing Medical Group.

Once for Jamie Scheiman, class of 2006, who as the first Academy alumna in the military, is a nuclear reactor engineer in the U.S. Navy.

Once for every one of the heroes, who have graced Academy’s halls. Each of their sacrifices represents a willingness to abandon personal ambitions, plans, and passions in order to uphold something greater. This willingness, grounded in courage and selflessness, brings them horrors and honors, and it did not go unthanked today.

As students and future community leaders, we must remember why— and for whom— the bell tolls.



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