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Eateries Focus on Milennials’ Preferences

Wolf’s Ridge Brewery, a local restaurant that opened in spring of 2013, is nothing if not ahead of the times. In fact, articles have been released by a number of sources detailing the latest national restaurant trends for millenials, and Wolf’s Ridge is keeping up with them all.

One of the latest restaurant trends is a decrease in menu that is more specialized and less general. Wolf’s Ridge’s dinner entrée menu features only 8 dishes. Its distinctive ingredients make eateries such as this one so trendy, as this is what differentiates them from competitors.

For instance, Wolf’s Ridge’s Halibut is topped with horseradish espuma and served  on a bed of petite red-vein sorrel. The toad-in-a-hole brunch dish is served on a simple white plate with fancy brioche biscuits and eggs encircled with cheese sauce and garnished with fresh fennel.

Considering the extent to which millenials patronize diners, restaurants, and bars, restaurants have to keep up with Gen-Yers’ preferences. Wolf’s Ridge Brewery is doing exactly that, and hopefully more Columbus restaurants can do the same.

215 N 4th St, Columbus, OH 43215. (614) 429-3936.

Tu–Th 10:30am-11:00pm; F. 10:30a-12:00am; Sat. 10am-12am; Sun. 10am-10p. Monday Closed.

Kitchen closed 3p-5p every day.  Kitchen closes at 10p Su, Tu-Th & 11p on Fr-Sat.

Prices: $$


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