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Chicago Cubs Will Win World Series: “Back To the Future” Says So

The New York Mets face the Chicago Cubs in this year’s NLCS (National League Championship Series) with a spot in the 2015 World Series on the line. The Mets will be standing in the way of history when they face the historically awful Cubs, who have not captured the National League pennant since 1945 and have not won the World Series since 1907. But the Mets will also be trying to change the future.

That is because in 1989, the movie “Back To the Future Part II” predicted a Cubs World Series victory. Cubs’ fans have been waiting for this year ever since Marty McFly, Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown, and their DeLorean landed in the world of October 21, 2015. That’s when they saw the now-famous Sports Flash: “Cubs Win World Series, Sweep Miami,” and later, “Way to Go, Cubbies!”

That news flash was one of the funnier jokes of the movie, considering that the Cubs were notoriously weak, and the team they supposedly beat to win the World Series, “Miami,”, didn’t even exist at the time. (The Miami Marlins actually became an MLB team four years later in 1993.)

But the Cubs may end up having the last laugh. They surprised many when they finished with the third best record in the league at 97-65. Then, they handily defeated their division rivals, the  Pittsburgh Pirates and St. Louis Cardinals, en route to a matchup against the Mets.

Things are looking good for the Cubs so far, and if “Back To The Future” is any indication, even better days are ahead.


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