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New Study Shows Teens Who Stay Up Late Gain More Weight

Researchers at UC.Berkley and Columbia University are finding a direct link between bedtimes and BMI (Body Mass Index) in young people. These studies observe that young adults and teenagers could stay in better shape if they hit the hay earlier in the evening.

The study examined the sleep schedules and BMI of 3,300 teens over the course of 15 years. The results of the study were surprisingly conclusive: every hour of sleep teens lost by staying up late led to a 2.1 point increase in BMI over the next five years.

While there has been previous research linking weight gain to bedtime, this is the first study that shows the long-term impact. Conceivably one could shift BMI categories from normal weight to overweight by going to bed only one hour later.

So next time you want to stay up late, just remember all of the negative side effects. Next-day tiredness is now not the only consequence of a late night studying.

by Tristan Rhee’ 17

Photo Courtesy of maticulous


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