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HIV Cure Becomes Possible with Truvada

The AIDS-causing HIV virus has been one of the deadliest diseases over the past century, affecting millions of people every year. Over 1.2 million Americans have the life-threatening affliction. People have been searching for a cure for decades, much to no avail. Most of the HIV prevention technology to date has been unreliable. But two separate studies show that Truvada (a HIV prevention pill) is effective in preventing the disease.

The first clinical trial was in San Francisco, where 657 people took Truvada daily from 2012-2015. During the three-year period not a single person contracted HIV. Many people did contract STI’s, suggesting the patients were sexually active during this period.

The second study, occurring in the UK, focused on gay men and found similar results. Of the 100 men taking Truvada, there were only two incidences of HIV. On the contrary, of those who were not taking the pill, a total of nine men contracted HIV. That’s an 86% less chance of contracting the virus.

Truvada is approved in America for “pre-exposure prophylaxis” (PrEP) of the virus. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claimed that the drug could reduce HIV risk by an amazing 92%. And while the early returns certainly look promising for the drug, it’s a long way from becoming a foolproof HIV prevention drug.

But these results are an important step in the right direction to prevent the disease and eventually eradicate it off the planet.

Written by Tristan Rhee’ 17


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