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Hmnn . . . on “The Daily Skimm”

Many people struggle to get informative daily news. Often, there are too many media sources, so people do not have time to read them to get a strong understanding of the news. Additionally, though, many sources are politically biased and can exaggerate and even provide false information to support their party. Sometimes news too is hard to read and understand by those across all educational backgrounds.

“TheSkimm” is a daily e-mail newsletter that aims to correct this issue. Its founders have condensed information into an editorial content that would be accessible to people from various circumstance. You simply go to the Skimm website and enter your email to subscribe. Then, every morning you will receive the newsletter. With the motto “We read. You Skimm.”, the e-letter advertises its main focus is to provide all people with an easy way to access all current news.

Upon further exploration, however, this up-and-coming news source is not what its founders advertise it to be. “Skimm” features a thin woman wearing a black dress and pearls holding an iPad and a handbag, both of which are expensive. Not only does the logo target specifically women, it targets wealthy, sophisticated, “slim” women.

Thus, it excludes large percentages of people that would otherwise read the newsletter. While “Skimm’s” content may be accessible to a diverse group of people, the newsletter itself is not.



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