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Apple “on the Road” by 2020

Apple is aggressively working on a revolutionary smart car that could begin production as early as 2020.  Already poaching top Tesla executives, Apple is pushing hard to put out a cutting-edge design in an industry where it usually takes five to seven years to create a new car.

There is some speculation that the new car will be electric and will rival the electric cars to be released by Tesla and General Motors in 2017. But whichever car they release, it is an interesting step for a company known for its iPhones, iPods, and iWatches to begin working on a new iCar.

People were initially confused by this step in a completely new direction, but it all makes sense to people familiar with Apple, a company known to constantly redefine the way we all think about technology. Plus, we do not want to miss out on the “next big thing.”

With companies such as Google and Uber getting into autonomous cars too, it only makes sense that Apple also wants a part of the buzz surrounding these high tech cars.

So while it’s up in the air whether Apple will enter the electric car industry or the autonomous car industry (or both), expect another groundbreaking product from a company that has done it time and time again.

Written by Tristan Rhee’17


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