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Verizon Once Again Leads Ohio in Network Performance Rankings

Verizon earned the top overall spot in the most recent RootMetrics report, a national survey that measures network performance. Verizon topped four out of the five categories in Ohio, making it the network performance leader in Ohio for the third consecutive survey (conducted twice a year).

Verizon scored a 96.2 out of 100 in Ohio with AT&T not far behind with at  92.2.  The review covers categories of reliability, speed, call quality, and data and text messaging.  Verizon won every category in Ohio except for text messaging, finishing a point behind AT&T and Sprint.

The results were more of the same across the nation. Verizon led with a score of 93.9, with AT&T remaining dead even at 91.7. The biggest riser in this survey was Sprint, which jumped T-Mobile for the third spot after finishing last in the previous report.

But both Sprint and T-Mobile still trail Verizon and AT&T by a sizable amount. These surveys continue to reflect the steady improvement in network performance and reliability across the country.

Written by Tristan Rhee’17


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