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A New Sleeping Aid for Insomniacs

Forget counting sheep, there is a new sleeping product for insomniacs everywhere. It’s called “Sprayable Sleep,” and it functions just as it sounds. You spray mist on your neck around an hour before you want to sleep, and it won’t be long before you slip off into peaceful dreams. Already surpassing its crowd-funding goal on Indiegogo by 1000%, it won’t be long before this product is available for mass production.

The spray is not some kind of laughing gas; it actually is a safer alternative to sleeping pills. Both the spray and the pills use melatonin, the natural sleep inducing chemical. Your skin slowly absorbs the melatonin, similar to how your pituitary gland releases it through your body. Sprayable, the company behind the spray, says that sleeping pills use 30 times more melatonin that is necessary to put someone to sleep since the pill has to work its way through the digestive system. The result is a spray that uses far less melatonin but has a similar effect. A pledge of $15 gets you a bottle of Sprayable Sleep with up to 30 uses.

This isn’t the first sleep related spray released by Sprayable. Last year it successfully received the crowd-funding needed to release Sprayable Energy, a product used to combat tiredness. The leaders of Sprayable and insomniacs alike are hoping to receive similar results from this batch of funding, as this product could be a game changer in the sleeping aid industry.

Written by Tristan Rhee’ 17


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