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Slow Internet? Elon Musk May Solve Your Problem

We’ve all felt frustration when a slow Internet bogs down our phone or laptop. Well, don’t worry, because Elon Musk may have a solution. Tesla founder and entrepreneur billionaire, Musk, has been known for innovating electric cars, space capsules, and affordable rockets. But now he’s taking his talent and money to a new project: affordable Internet satellites. If successful, Musk could deliver Internet to families across the globe, reaching far more people than current services provide.

Musk, realizing how valuable an Internet connection has become, is teaming up with former Google executive, Greg Wyler, who headed Google’s Internet satellite division in the past. The pair are working on building and launching around 700 internet satellites for under 1 million dollars each. While the duo are not even halfway to their lofty goal, they remain confident that their goal can be achieved.

But there are many obstacles that Musk must overcome. Besides the financial and technical difficulties, a few regulatory hurdles must also be cleared. First, the two must find state officials willing to house their satellite factory. Then they have to find a willing partner in the satellite industry to provide assistance along the way. Musk also must find a way to construct these satellites half the size of the current ones in use. Despite the bevy of obstacles that stands in his way, Musk remains undeterred.

With these two accomplished men at the helm, it’s only a matter of time before this idea becomes a reality.

Written By Tristan Rhee’ 17


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