Pedro Mena, Academy’s Fine Art Chair


Mr. Pedro Mena, Columbus Academy’s Fine Arts Department Chair, is in his ninth year teaching art. Besides having lived in Ecuador, New York, London, and now Columbus, Mena has also worked in the music industry, from creating posters and album art to following independent music showcases.

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World News

Native American Tribes Protest Pipeline

A five-month long controversy about the Dakota Access Pipeline not only threatens to harm our environment in the case of a spill, but it proves to be a monumental event in our modern history as it has become a nationwide fight for Native American rights.

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Girls Soccer Conquering Its Obstacle Course


Freshman star Annalise Grammel darts down the field vs. Bishop Ready (Photo by Chris Heerman’18) Overstretched with injuries and tough opponents, the soccer girls battle on, overcoming these adversities in their path.

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