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2016 Commencement Speaker: Ryan Vesler’01

Looking back upon his time at Academy, Ryan Vesler says he’s come  to appreciate the faculty in a different way as he came to understand who they were and what they’re about, knowing that they all supported him.

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Opinion & Editorial

North Carolina’s Anti-Transgender Law Isn’t Just Wrong: It’s Expensive


Earlier this year on March 23rd, North Carolina’s state legislature passed a sweeping law that reversed a Charlotte ordinance that extended some rights to the LGBT community. Coined “House Bill 2” (HB2), this law includes a prohibitive measure that forces transgender people to use bathrooms according to their birth gender, not according to their own

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School News

Sophomores Start College Search at OSU and Denison

For many high schoolers, getting started on a college search can be difficult, especially if you don’t know much about your preferences: private or public, urban or rural, large or small. Thankfully, the college counselors have a way to ease students into the process by offering sophomores the chance to visit both OSU and Denison

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