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Have Empathy

Whether it’s collecting clothing to donate to children halfway across the world or holding open the door for someone, empathetic acts can inspire cooperation, community, and a general feeling of peace. When Dr. Michele Borba began her talk about empathy last week, this appeared to be her message. By understanding each other and teaching the

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2016 Celebration of Leadership: Interview with RJ Mitte

Following the annual Celebration of Leadership Assembly, the Academy Life Editorial Board met with RJ Mitte to discuss his experience with cerebral palsy, and career as an actor, philanthropist, and celebrity face of the #CutTheBull campaign to end bullying and provide support for children with disabilities. A condensed version of the interview lightly edited for clarity and grammar appears below. Photos

Opinion & Editorial

Editorial: Internet Safety

How dangerous is the internet? On Wednesday, December 2, Jesse Weinberger presented a scary yet powerful case against using the internet heedlessly. She showed us a wide variety of evidence that proves internet is full of danger, utilizing what some have described as “confrontational scare tactics.”