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Band Recognizes Seniors at Final Concert

(Lauren G./Staff)

The Jones Gym bleachers filled with Upper School parents and friends as the band took its seats, with each person wearing a different-colored shirt, creating a rainbow of colors among smiling students. The buzzing audience settled, as Ms. Sneeringer gave everyone a warm welcome and introduced the first song: “Zip Line.”

A recognition of students who earned an arts letter for the year followed, with first-year letter winners of seniors: Ashton D., Josh K., Robbie L., Eric S., and, Nick T.;  juniors: Phinneaus B-M., Kate C., Seth L., and, Sophie L.; sophomores: Adam A., Ian C., Chaz M., Saurav M., Marceline O., and Josh S., and freshmen: Melody W. and Amaya W. Second-year letter winners included Ridah A., Lucy I., Indigo K., Carolina M., Maria M., Jim P., and Clara S. Third-year letter winners honored seniors Tanner S. and Reed S.

The band continued, playing “Highlight from Cars,” a mix of songs from the movies “Life is a Highway” and “Route 66.” Ms. Sneeringer then recognized the outstanding New Member Award to Max B., who received this honor by the vote of his classmates. Mircea B. and Jayden T. received the most improved award for their work in the tuba section. 

After playing “Ancient Flower,” the band honored Tanner S. with the John Philip Sousa award, given to one member of every high school band in the country. Award winners also received a plaque to take home and had their names printed on a plaque placed in the band room. 

To wrap up the night after playing “Foundry,” the band played  some of John Williams greatest hits:  “Death March,” “Cantina Band” from Star Wars, and the Jaws theme song. 

Parents offered cake and soft-drinks in the Athletic Lobby.



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