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Alumni Provide Seniors with Guidance at annual luncheon

Students attend annual alumni spring luncheon. (Claire S./Staff)

Gathered in New Albany at the Estate on Tuesday, April 23, seniors and Academy alumni had lunch as part of Academy’s tradition which introduces soon-to-be graduates to networking. Stephanie Domas ‘05 received the Young Alumni Award, given to those who have distinguished themselves through overall service to Academy and our community. Students were assigned numbered tables randomly and moved among three tables as the meal progressed from appetizers to dessert. Guests enjoyed a hearty salad with strawberries, followed by a filling lunch consisting of chicken, mac and cheese (my  favorite), ravioli, red potatoes, and asparagus. Dessert for the day was decorated cookies with the CA emblem.

Fourteen members of the alumni board shared their experiences. I sat with Jay Canowitz’02 who works at a hiring firm. He talked about his Academy connections resurfacing on a trip to Europe where he met another alum. Canowitz used his experience to illustrate how that link helped foster relationships that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible. I asked him what are some of the best introductions in a job interview, and he suggested being candid with the interviewer and coming across as personable. He said it was also important to find some common ground outside of the job application such as school connections or where you both grew up.

A big thank you to Director of Alumni Relations, Michael Haddock, Assistant Head of Upper School, Erich Hunker, and student representatives Zaina A., Tommy J., Stella L., Grace P., Ellie S., and Henry W. for getting us excited about joining the 4,000-strong Viking alumni community. 


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