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Meet the new Service Board Presidents and Student Body Co-Presidents

After an acknowledgment from Mr. Thompson, students were asked to raise their hands if they were affected by different student council initiatives. After reminiscing about a year of success, Mikey and Angela finally ended their terms as co-presidents. With the passing of the gavel, the student body officially has new leaders with Katie J. and Hansheng X., at the helm and being installed into their roles on Friday. The duo promised more restaurant coupons, a reviving of Shipmates, and working with the admin team to update the dress code for students. Katie mentioned building off of Mikey’s ideas to improve Shipmates, Academy’s program connecting upper and lower schoolers. This should lead to a smooth transition into the new leadership as Hanshang X. was also the Junior Class President this year. 

Ms. Bening spoke with a touching story about a friend and former Upper School Head, Mr. Currier. She talked of all the special events and those who ran them before tossing cinnamon candies, a favorite of Mr. Currier. After Justin and Arya spoke as a testament to the work Ms. Bening does, they passed gavels down to Angela B. and Arnav N. , the 2024-25 Service Board President and Vice President. Promising a Service Board Tiktok account and fewer assembly announcements. Angela won over the crowd with her service achievements and plans for easier ways to find service. Arnav N. will replace Arya C. as Vice President after a successful campaign placing him second out of the group.  

Now headed by the class of 2025, student council and Service Board’s future looks bright with these new leaders. Whether it was being a part of Shapers for the Service Board or serving on Student Council for the new leaders, their knowledge is tremendous as this group leads us into the upcoming school year.


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