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Making History at National History Day

(Abbey Z./Staff)

Attracting history lovers from around Ohio, the National History Day (NHD) State contest commenced at Capital University on Saturday, April 20. This year’s theme was “Turning Points in History,” focusing on individuals, ideas, and events that led to historical change. After researching a topic under the theme, participants develop an argument and create a documentary, exhibit, paper, performance, or website to showcase their knowledge. In addition, they must write a process paper and track the sources in an annotated bibliography. A few months later, they present their project at regionals, hoping to advance to states and even nationals.

Initiated by Mircea B. and Abbey Z. last year, the NHD club sent nine individuals to states to compete against 450 others. A panel of judges evaluated projects based on historical quality and clarity of presentation. NHD recognizes the top three projects and an honorable mention per category, with first and second places advancing to the national level. 

With his paper, “Parting the White Cloud of Aotearoa: How the Native Land Acts were a Turning Point in Maori Chieftain Power and Land Ownership in Colonial New Zealand,” Lance H. won first place, securing a ticket to nationals in June.

Abby X. followed in third place with her paper, “The Grave Diggers of Spirituality: How Maoist Suppression Led to the Renewal of Christianity in China.” Other third-place finishes include Mircea’s documentary, “Munich 1972: The Dawn of Broadcasted Terrorism,” and Abbey’s website, “Driving Out: A Driving Force in America’s Sinophobia.” 

In just the club’s second year, co-leaders Mircea, Lance, and Abbey have attracted dozens of history fanatics. They also expanded to the junior (Middle School) division, allowing younger students to participate.

Abbey says, “When we first brought NHD to CA, I never imagined it would gain this much support. I’m beyond proud of everyone who made a project because it definitely takes a level of time and commitment on top of schoolwork. This club is one of my crowning achievements, one that I’ll forever remember as part of my high school experience. Thank you to everyone for trusting me as their leader, and shoutout Lance for advancing to nationals!”

Congratulations to all who participated! If NHD sounds appealing, you can find more information on the NHD website..


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