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Hectic Spring Model UN Session Ends with a Bang

(Courtesy/Angela H.)

CA hosted its Spring Model UN conference on Saturday and Sunday, April 27 and 28. The theme for this year was the American Revolution. Over 20 CA students participated, dressing up in formal wear to debate.

The purpose of the conference was for the two blocs, Patriots and Loyalists, to debate the future of American policy after the colonies had declared war for independence against the British. The Patriot party was in favor of independence and cutting all ties with Britain, while the Loyalists were determined to maintain these ties.

The groups embarked on tasks such as creating propaganda, delegating resources, kidnapping opposing leaders, and debating issues. The delegates made sure to have fun during the conference, such as fighting the “battle of Dodgeville,” a dodgeball fight on the quad between the Loyalists and Patriots simulating a revolutionary skirmish. The Patriots won this battle, but the Loyalists excelled in publications and resource management. The results of the weekend showcased the destructive power of war, with the Patriots nuking the British. Even though nuclear bombs did not exist at this time, it was eccentricities like this that kept the students engaged.

Angela H. and Morgan R. led MUN this year, and they will be passing down the torch to Mircea B. and Jacob K. 


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