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Speech and Debate Excel at States

(Courtesy/Ms. Reiner)

Led by Ms. Reiner and assistant Mr. Mann, the Columbus Academy Speech and Debate team dominated in the Columbus district at States, held at Wooster High, on February 29 and March 1. 

Prior to the contest, the students needed to earn their spot at states. Spots are earned by placing in the top 5 during the districtsor receiving a bid. To get a bid, competitors need to place within the top 5 in 4 competitions throughout the season. All 15 of the Vikes obtained their spot by placing at districts. 

During the competition, Taylor G. & Hanna A. along with Isa E. & Alina L. participated in Duo interpretation. The pairs performed a 10-minute, fully-memorized script . In Program Oral Interpretation, Jennifer L. and Grace H. gave a 10 minute non-memorized speech. Carolina M. was the lone competitor in Dramatic Interpretation, which requires a ten-minute, fully memorized, pre-written script. This is similar to Humorous Interpretation, in which Gavin H. participated. Dane C. and Dilin G. took part in Extemporaneous Speaking. They received 30 minutes of prep to write a speech on United States and International issues before they performed it for 7 minutes. 

Hansheng X. progressed to the quarters in Extemporaneous Speaking. David W. and Meera S. earned a spot in the semis in Congress. Additionally, Ellie T. passed through quarters and semis to earn 10th place in Original Oratory. In this category, students write a 10- minute persuasive speech at the beginning of the season and memorize it . Arnav N. breezed past the competition in the quarters, semis, and finals and earned himself 5th place overall. Arnav competed in Informative Speaking, a category similar to Original Oratory which requires students write an informative speech. 

Ms. Reiner and Mr. Mann also gathered up a total of awards for themselves. Both received a Rudy Award, and Ms. Reiner collected the Columbus District’s New Coach of the Year.


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