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Academy Launches Global Scholars Diploma Program

(Courtesy/Melanie Q.)

by Eesha T.

Global Scholars, a club initiated in the fall with Mr. Mena’s assistance, aims to educate high schoolers about global interconnectedness and foster open-mindedness. The club follows the Global Scholars Diploma Program, which is supported by the Columbus Council on World Affairs, and educates high school students about global interconnectedness through a three-year initiative. Led by club leader, Melanie Q.,  the series offers networking opportunities and guest speaker events to prepare students for success in global careers and inspire them to have positive impacts on their communities.

Guest speakers and alumnae, Rebecca Amonor, shared her experiences with the college application process, and Karina Walter discussed a Take-Action project that she completed during the program’s final year.

During year one, students learn about cultures, global careers, and global issues. In the second year, students expand upon the awareness they have previously gained. Events in Year 2 allow students to work with community partners, such as Community Refugee and Immigration Services (CRIS) and the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, which guide students through interactive group simulations and tasks.

The series concludes with a Take Action project to showcase their skills by selecting a globally-oriented issue they are passionate about and taking on a leadership role in addressing it locally. Throughout the project, students work closely with advisors. Finally, they share their experiences with younger peers and the school community at a Year End Showcase event held in the spring.

Melanie says, “It’s been so rewarding getting to lead the Global Scholars program and connecting with a variety of people, from current underclassmen to alumni. One of my primary goals is to help younger students gain insight from people who have already been through the process, whether that’s in the form of personal advice or helping them network with other people. I hope this program and the guest speakers will help them realize the importance of connecting with and learning from other people.”


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