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The 67th Grammys: Out of Touch or In Tune? 


The Grammys aired last week, leaving several upsets in its wake. Though this award ceremony is famous for its snubs, sweeps, and steals, it seems that this year brought a new air of controversy regarding the judging panel’s methods when choosing the next winner. 

The first upset of the night was in in Album of the Year, with the trophy handed to Taylor Swift. While this outcome was expected, the reasoning behind the choice was anything but. From a leaked interview with an anonymous judge, the true reason behind removing one of the candidates, Lana Del Ray, from the running was because of an SNL performance twelve years ago that the panelist thought was tasteless. Lana was nominated for five Grammys that night yet left empty-handed, to many fans’ dismay. 

The biggest upset was in the Best Rap category, with Killer Mike stealing the show over big names like Drake, Coi Larray, Kendrick Lamar, and Baby Keem. Fans were shocked by this verdict, leaning into viral disapproval for the Grammy Awards, claiming that the ceremony has lost touch with its viewers and calling for a recount of the panelists’ votes. 

This wasn’t the only drama surrounding Killer Mike, however. After his first Grammy win that night, he was arrested during the final moments of the festivities for an undisclosed misdemeanor as well as an alleged physical altercation with a security guard.

Though many winners from the 67th Grammys were praised for their efforts by the viewers –Boy Genius, Paramore, and Taylor Swift, to name a few – the overwhelming sentiments held by viewers are anger and disappointment. As award shows become increasingly contentious, many fans consider turning off the ceremony altogether, leading to a gradual decline in viewership since 2016. 

With more moments like these expected for next year, it begs the question: will the Grammys fall out of the limelight? Will these awards become increasingly out of touch with listeners, following in the footsteps of many past shows?


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