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Voter Registration Booth invites Sign-ups

(Courtesy/Angela H.)

CA Organizes Voter Registration Booth for High School

Throughout the week of Monday, February 5 through Friday, February 9, the Junior Lounge became home to a voter registration booth, at which eligible students who will be eighteen before the November presidential election could complete a registration and another form to vote in the March Ohio primary elections.

Under the guidance of ceramics teacher, Charity White, senior Clara S., the organizing the booth, and said, Her goal was “to increase our youth participation in our democracy,” and that “We have a lot of people who will be eligible to vote, but they don’t know it yet. So we’re trying to increase awareness and get as many people registered as possible.”

 “As the future generation, Claire said,  “Ifeel like we have the responsibility to use our voices and use the power we hold in our democracy.”

Zair H., who helped organize the event said, “A lot of political leaders will often tend their advertising to older generations because they know Gen Z doesn’t vote . . .  that doesn’t represent our country.”

To all the high schoolers reading this, if you have not registered yet, please consider signing uo, so we can all participate in and strengthen our American democracy.


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