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STEM Speaker Inspires Future Female Scientists

Dr. Mitchell and Milana B. (Abigail Z./Staff)

Academy parent, Dr. Kerry-Ann Stewart Mitchell spoke to Women in STEM (WiS) club members on Monday, January 29 about her journey from a Jamaican immigrant to a talented plastic surgeon.

Born in Jamaica where she worked as a waitress in her teens, Dr. Mitchell immigrated at 17 to attend Benedict College for biology, later tacking on degrees from Stanford and the University of Utah. After completing her residency at the University of Southern California and a fellowship at Johns Hopkins, she embarked on a career in Neuroplastic Surgery at Ohio State’s Wexner Medical Center. A member of both the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and of Maxillofacial Surgeons in addition to being a Postdoctoral Fellow and Neuroplastic Surgery Fellow, Dr. Mitchell has published epilepsy and brain disease research in medical journals.

At OSU, Mitchell focuses on the reconstruction of the skull and scalp as well as aesthetic procedures, with facial feminization for transgender patients. She highlighted her most fulfilling moment as the unique patient stories, saying, ”No two are the same!”

In the Q&A, over 25 attendees asked questions that ranged from scholarships in medicine to what constitutes a necessary sacrifice, such as getting called into the hospital at 2 a.m. Mitchell advised not becoming egotistical by remembering those less fortunate, maintaining proper study habits, keeping a strong mentorship circle, and ignoring negativity. She mentioned the systemic lack of representation within her field, saying, “The systems in place are not properly set up to ensure diversity.”

United Columbus Academy (UCA), Academy’s governing body of affinity and alliance groups, sponsored the event. Milana B, the leader of WiS, embraced the opportunity, saying, “It’s not every day we can listen to such inspiring stories, especially from women of color!”

Zaina A. said, “Hearing from Dr. Mitchell was amazing! She helped reinforce my love for medicine. Maybe I’ll even end up pursuing it in the future.”

You can read more about Dr. Mitchell here.


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