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Writing in the Market Ventures into Business Strategy 

At Huntington Park (Courtesy/Craig Dow)

Ms. Izokaitis and Mr. Dow’s Writing in the Market class journeyed to The Good Haus which offers support to multiple nonprofits, on Wednesday, November 1.

Writing in the Market, a semester English offering, shadows businesses to studying cases and implements “creative problem solving, critical thinking, public speaking, researching, writing, and revising,” according to its course description. Students work in teams to tackle current, real-world problems, and as the semester nears its end, the class collaborates with local business owners. The class makes frequent field trips, including one earlier to Huntington Park on September 26th where it pitched ways to encourage college students’ attendance at baseball games.

This particular location wasn’t disclosed to students until they stepped off the bus into downtown Columbus, where alumni Michael Corey welcomed them to his office. After covering his education as an Academy lifer, Duke undergraduate, and OSU Moritz law graduate, Mr. Corey discussed his job at the Chamber of Commerce’s Human Service Chamber, which advises over 200 nonprofits. 

Mr. Corey also addressed the sector’s present issues. With a low supply of workers and record demand, 92% of nonprofits reported a higher need compared to a year ago—combined with rising inflation, lessening emergency government spending, and diminishing donations all of which contribute to lower revenue, which has made running nonprofits exceedingly difficult. Thus, all non-profits are bracing for community growth and increased demand. In mid-December, the class will present its recommendations to Mr. Corey in the Trustees’ Room.

Joseph D. said, “This trip has made me think deeper about the type of work that goes into running nonprofits. Both the nonprofits and places such as The Good Haus take a surprising amount of hard work to execute well, and it was interesting to learn about the field’s current issues. I’m glad I could take this glimpse into the business world.”



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