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Hacking into Dev Club’s Coding Competition


Dev Club, formerly “Code Club,” hosted a virtual Hackathon over the long weekend from Thursday, November 2 to Saturday, November 4. Students with varying skill levels and computer science knowledge coded over a retro theme. Leaders Akshaj J. and Jim P. announced when the competition commenced.

Beginners (ACS1)—those with no experience or in introductory classes—designed projects using Scratch, a visual programming language, with a 36-hour limit starting at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday. With a 60-hour limit ending 10:00 p.m. on Saturday, advanced students in or past HCS2 either created their own games or used templates from the SuperGame library that contained previous project templates or a graphical system called Grid-based Game. All teams up in of groups of 1-4 were elegible towin a gift card.

Nine teams competed with over twenty competitors. In the ACS1 division, Izu N. nabbed first with an adventure collection game, while Luke L., Chaz M., and Jayden T. were runners-up with a Street Fighter 2 spin-off. First and second places went to the team of Adam A., Ian C., Dillan R., and Ryan R., plus individual winner, Bella L. with a teleportation game and a maze game, respectively, in the HCS2+ division.

Upper School computer science teachers Mr. Bolognese and Mr. Feinberg along with the Tech Department donated their expertise to judging.


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