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Serving at “Night-In”

Voted as one of the most popular Service Board events, the annual Night In occurred on Wednesday, November 1, with forty students who stayed on campus from 6 to 10 p.m. to organize items for the year’s food drive. 

Attendees signed their name at check in and received pizza, water, and an assortment of snacks. Once everyone was ready, the shapers sorted everyone into 5 groups. Each group was led by a faculty member and a shaper. 

Because of the fieldhouse construction, the event was held outside in two large tents were set up behind near the parking lot, each having a heater. Board memebers served hot chocolate to battle the cold. Some students started checking expiration dates on various items, while others sorted donations onto the shelves. Another group stayed inside and built boxes for packaging the items. The remaining groups processed of the orders.  

After two hours of work, the students and faculty took a break and moved inside to listen to a guest speaker, Jim Hamburg from the NNEMAP food pantry. Hamburg described how the pantry operates and how others can get involved in by volunteering. 

Following the presentation, the team got back to work to finish sorting everything. Once the task was complete, the faculty asked people to place tarps over the shelves to keep the food dry in preparation for the rain coming in the next week.


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