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Football Advances in Playoffs

(Melanie Q./Staff)

Academy Ffans wore pajamas for its theme at the  Vikes first playoff game against Utica on Friday, October 27. 

After gaining possession of the ball, defensive end Mikey J. ran with it to the end zone, leading the Vikes off. Less than a minute later, wide receiver Theo F. tallied another touchdown, upping the score 13-0. With a touchdown from Utica, the score read 13-6 by the end of the first quarter.

Quarterback Jack Y. continued the momentum and found the end zone thirty seconds after the second quarter began. Tight end Will B. intercepted the ball, allowing running back Greyson T. to surge through Utica’s linemen and contact the end zone. 

With a 27-6 Viking lead going into the second half, Utica scored a touchdown, closing the gap 27-12. Utica found the end zone once more in the fourth quarter, but an interception from Theo let Greyson score the final touchdown and end with a 34-18 Viking victory.

The class of 2024 took home its final victory on Hondros before looking to defeat Barnesville on Friday, November 3 in the next round of playoffs.


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