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Women in STEM: Pioneering a Scientific Spirit

(Courtesy/Malia C.)

Desiring a chill space to peruse the science, technology, engineering, and mathematical fields, Milana B. founded Columbus Academy’s Women in STEM club (WiS).

Pitched in 2022, the club found its footing this year with Dr. Kurth serving as advisor and an innovative Club Fair raffle yielding sixty-two members. At the introductory meeting on Wednesday, October 18, students competed for prizes through trivia questions. Throughout the year, the club will do Kahoots, mini experiments, and invite guest speakers. 

Although Columbus Academy has other similarly oriented clubs in Science Olympiad and Math Club, WiS is different. Rather than focus on competing at outside events, the club emphasizes engagement and potential career interest in STEM. Aiming to create a comfortable space considering the shortage of women in STEM fields, Milana considers this calmer environment crucial.

Milana said, “I’m super excited for the rest of the year! Based on my experiences, this club fulfills something CA was missing, and I hope Women in STEM helps others fall in love with these fields as I have.”

The club is open to all. If interested, contact Milana or Dr. Kurth!


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